4 Ways to Style Your Home Office

4 ways to style your home office

With new updates in technology, many people are finding ways to work from home. It can be hard to create a work/life balance when you live and work in the same space. A great way to separate the two is to create an office space in your home. Entrepreneurs and work-from-home employees find that having a dedicated office space to work from helps to keep their work and home life separate. There are so many ways to decorate your home office. We’ve listed our 4 favorite style below.

4 Home Office Styles


Minimalistic Home Office

A minimalist style office space can easily be incorporated into any home. This home office style is great for anyone who works from a computer a few hours a day and doesn’t need a lot of storage space. It is perfect for smaller apartments or if you don’t want to dedicate a whole separate room to being used only as an office. The key to creating a great minimalistic home office is to keep the furniture simple and the decor at a minimum. A sleek desk, simple chair and a lamp are all you need to turn any corner into an office.



Traditional Home Office

A traditional style office is great for anyone that has a full room to use as an office. This home office space is perfect for anyone who works longer hours or needs more storage space, like an entrepreneur. Traditional home office styles use larger desks, more bookshelves, filing cabinets and guest chairs for meetings. Having a full home office allows you to create a great work / life balance because it creates a dedicated space that is for work only and allows you to use the rest of your home for family and entertainment purposes.


Luxury Glam

Luxury Glam Home Office

A luxury glam office is great for a work-from-home fashion or beauty professional. This highly decorated style is perfect for the new job field of beauty vloggers, style bloggers, online boutique owners and social media gurus. It gives you a great space to work that is also a perfect backdrop for your videos and photos. A mirrored desk, unique chair and glam accessories make the perfect Luxury Glam home office.



Industrial Home Office

The industrial style is great for work-at-home techies. There is a lot of storage space for any parts and tools you may need. The industrial decor elements create an upscale and inspiring environment. Signature items for this style include a lot of metal and distressed wood. A large desk, great storage and a comfortable chair complete a great industrial style home office.


These 4 styles can fit into any home or apartment. Follow us on Pinterest to get more home decor inspiration. A star furniture has furniture for all of your home office needs. What style is your favorite?


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