Leather or fabric furniture: what is the best choice?

There are plenty of designs to consider when you are shopping around for discount furniture. As of today, both wood and metal are used to manufacture the frame of these furniture items. Just like the frame, the upholstery plays a major role to determine the quality of the furniture. This upholstery usually consists of an outer cover, padding and webbing. In general, the outer covers of the furniture are made out of leather or fabric. This article emphasizes the drawbacks and benefits of both of these materials.

Leather furniture

For many centuries, leather is considered to be a highly prominent type of of fabric for furniture. With the modern developments of technology, you will be able to see a range of leather varieties. Faux leather, split leather and bonded leather are few to mention. Here are the characteristics of each type of leather.

  • Faux Leather

This is a man-made leather variety that comes with the appearance of genuine leather. Faux leather is manufactured using special polyurethane. In general, faux leather delivers many benefits including durability and ease of maintenance.

  • Bonded leather

This is a really environmental friendly leather material that is made using scrap leather and other material.

  • Split leather

This is a natural leather variety that is made out of the bottom layer of the animal skin. This is a cheaper leather variety. However, split leather is not a really durable material.

  • Top-Grain leather

This leather variety is extracted from the top layer of the animal skin. This is a relatively durable leather type.

Benefits of leather furniture

  • In general, leather furniture doesn’t provide any room for microorganisms to grow. Also, leather doesn’t contain any allergens. Therefore, leather is a hypoallergenic material that is safe for every user.
  • Maintaining leather furniture is exceptionally easier compared to fabric. You can simply wipe off the surface to clean the dust and other stains.
  • Leather provides an excellent aesthetic appearance that matches any interior
  • They are durable

Drawbacks associated with leather

  • Leather is a sensitive material that can be damaged if exposed to heat
  • It is relatively slippery
  • Leather can split
  • It is an expensive material
  • Number of choices such as color are less

Fabric furniture

Fabric, in general, offers a wide range of benefits. However, the durability, comfort and the appearance of the fabric depends majorly on the type of the material. Cotton, Polyester, Wool and Acrylic are some of the common fabrics used to make discount furniture.

Benefits of fabric furniture

  • Fabric discount furniture is a relatively cheap alternative to leather
  • There is a large number of colors and designs to select from
  • Fabric materials are generally breathable
  • They are comfortable

Drawbacks associated with fabric furniture

  • Fabric is less durable
  • It is less resistant to stains, dust and spills
  • Some fabric materials provide friendly environments to microorganisms
  • It absorbs the odor easily


Before you shop around for discount furniture, you may analyze both the benefits and drawbacks associated with each material. Such analysis will help you end up with the best possible option.

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