Sectional Sofa with Sleeper Mattress CO 500727


This sectional sofa with sleeper mattress features a clean and tidy style that will have your home looking updated and uncluttered. It features straight lines throughout its frame and is edged by thick track arms, a token element of modern and contemporary furniture designs. The seat cushions are removable allowing for easier cleaning while the back cushions remain in place. Wooden feet and the three included accent pillows supply simple details to the piece that are decorative but don't make this sectional come across as being over-adorned. When company comes to visit, just pull out the hidden sleeper mattress to accommodate them for the evening. Push this sectional sofa into a corner or use it for room separation, either way you'll have a great new look for your living room or family room display.

CO 500727  Sectional with Sleeper: 109″L x 86″W x 35″H   $1149
-Sleeper Mattress: 59″L x 71″W

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